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Great Time for Preventative Maintenance

During the lockdown most of our usual reactive maintenance activities, such as non-emergency repair work where close proximity may present a problem, have had to to be postponed.

However, this does not mean that there is no consideration to be given to planned maintenance activities which do not involve close interaction, these could include external lighting, communal area heating systems, emergency lighting and especially to fire alarm systems within in communal areas, we have found that current circumstances have provided an excellent opportunity to carry out work at our commercial clients’ properties.

With the the hugely reduced number of occupants, work typically involving disruption, or closing of specific areas, can currently be done much more easily – with little risk.

Lots of engineering services providers such as ourselves, classed as key workers, have continued to provide essential maintenance throughout the current lock down.

We take proportional measures to mitigate risks. And all staff very clear that if the risk becomes unmanageable, work must stop.

So let’s get the economy rolling, and start taking advantage by carrying out the work which is suited to the situation.